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Unmanaged DS 1 pricing for service 1.544 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet service pricing (300 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet cost (45Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC 24 service price (1244 Mbps)
 Value Added Resellers
, Unmanaged 3G Cost for Service (45Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC 24 line pricing 1244Mbps
, Unmanaged OC48 Cost for Service (2488Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Service Connection 200Mbps
, Unmanaged OC3 Pricing for Service 155Mbps
, Unmanaged OC12 line price (622 Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC 3 Line Pricing (155Mbps)
, Unmanaged DS 3 Rate for Connection (45 Mbps)
 Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Unmanaged 4G line (45Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet rate for service 300 Mbps
, Unmanaged OC 1 service line
, Unmanaged OC-24 Pricing for Service 1244 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Price (10 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Pricing 300Mbps
, and Unmanaged Ethernet cost (7Mbps)
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Commercial Unmanaged Data Services

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  Unmanaged OC12 Line Service 622Mbps
  Unmanaged OC-48 rate for connection (2488 Mbps)
  Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Service (4 Mbps)
  Unmanaged Ethernet line 200Mbps
  Unmanaged T1 pricing (1.544 Mbps)
  Unmanaged T 1 rate for connection (1.544 Mbps)
  Unmanaged Ethernet Price for Service (2 Mbps)
  Unmanaged Ethernet Service Line (4000Mbps)
  Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Cost (3000Mbps)
  Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Cost (12 Mbps)

Get quotes for your circuit or circuits.  Unmanaged Ethernet Line Pricing (7Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC3 Connection Pricing (155Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Line Connection (20Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC-1 line 51Mbps
, Unmanaged OC 12 Pricing 622Mbps
, Unmanaged T1 Service Pricing 1.544 Mbps
, and Unmanaged OC48 line connection
Commercial Unmanaged Data Services
Get T1 Service, T3 Service or OC3 Service .
OC48 / STS-48 (2488Mbps), OC24 / STS-24 (1244Mbps), OC12 / STS-12 (622Mbps), OC3 / STS-3 (155Mbps), OC1 / STS-1 (51Mbps), Frame Relay (56Kbps-1.5Mbps), T3 / DS3 (45Mbps), T1 / DS1 (1.544Mbps), DSL (128Kbps to 1.5Mbps), Unmanaged Ethernet Line (300Mbps) , Unmanaged Ethernet Line Connection (9 Mbps) , Unmanaged Fixed Wireless rate for service 45 Mbps

A Certified Engineer is available for big or complicated WAN / SIP solutions - design or redesign the network/telecommunications infrastructure if necessary.

Leased lines are a viable solution for organizations in need of numerous telephone lines, capacity, performance, security, reliability and incomparable long distance rates. Find the best plan for your business bandwidth connectivity needs. Select anyone of our bandwidth connectivity plans and installation is waived and router included on some terms. Increase performance and productivity with more dependable, reliable and rapid bandwidth. Eliminate requests for higher capacity bandwidth on your Network, Backbone, WAN, MAN, ISP, Call Center and Campus. Upgrade your network with greater capacity business circuits. Bandwidth provisioning made simple with our bandwidth quote calculator.

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Unmanaged Ethernet connection service (100 Mbps)
Unmanaged T3 Service Line (45Mbps)
Unmanaged Ethernet Rate for Service (800Mbps)
Unmanaged OC-24 Service Line (1244Mbps)
Unmanaged Ethernet Pricing (50 Mbps)
Unmanaged Fixed Wireless Line Connection (45 Mbps)
 and Unmanaged Ethernet line 1000Mbps

With over 200,000 real-time quotes, we are definitely the leaders for dedicated leased-lines (private lines). Dedicated services available in Full, Burstable, Channelized (Integrated Voice and Data) and Fractional.

We offer all Wide Area Network connections such as:
  • T1 - Digital Signaling Level 1 (DS1) consisting of 24 individual channels with each channel supporting 64Kbps using copper media.
  • T3 - Digital Signaling Level 3 (DS3) consisting of 672 individual channels with each channel supporting 64Kbps using copper media.
  • Optical Carrier Levels - OC-1 to OC-48 or Synchronous Transport Signal ratings - STS-1 to STS-48 using fiber optic media.

We offer business services from these business communication providers (business communication corporate headquarters):

Advantix Solutions Group
1202 Richardson Dr #200
Richardson, Texas 75080

6060 Sepulveda Blvd., 2nd Floor
Van Nuys, CA 91411

8834 N Capital of Texas Hwy #230
Austin, TX 78759

9176 S 300 W, #1
Sandy, UT 84070

Use our quoting system to find the best price for your business circuit. OC48 / STS-48, OC24 / STS-24, OC12 / STS-12, OC3 / STS-3, T3 / DS3, fractional T3 / DS3, T1 / DS1, Unmanaged 3G connection line (45 Mbps) , fractional T1 / DS1, DSL, SONET, Frame Relay, Unmanaged OC-12 line pricing (622 Mbps) , and Virtual Private Network (VPN) (Access VPN, Intranet VPN and Extranet VPN) are available in your City - .

T-1s: Voice, Data, Integrated, and Fractional
What is a T-1? T-1's provide businesses with access to the Internet, voice services, or a combination of the Internet and voice services. A T-1 consists of 24 individual channels and each channel has a data transmission rate of 64Kbps. The rate of a Full T-1 is 1.544Mbps on both incoming and outgoing signals, which makes it a symmetrical connection. Full T-1's can cost from 200 to 1000 dollars per month depending on your location and services type (voice, data, integrated, etc.). Copper wire is usually the media used to provide connectivity. With current technologies some T-1's can provide connectivity to a business on fiber, infrared, microwave, or satellite. T-1 connections offer greater capacity and are rapid, secure and reliable forms of voice and data communications. Consult the quote calculator for current pricing on: fractional T1 (128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 384 Kbps, 512 Kbps, and 768 Kbps), T1 (1.5 Mbps), 2xT1 (3.0 Mbps), 3xT1 (4.5 Mbps), and 4xT1 (6.0 Mbps). Acquire T-1 Quotations Here

Unmanaged DS 3 service line (45 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet service line (5000 Mbps)
,  Unmanaged Ethernet connection price (400Mbps)
,  Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Cost 400 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Rate for Connection (40Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC 48 cost for service (2488 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet service (10Mbps)
, Unmanaged DS-3 Cost for Service
, Unmanaged Ethernet line cost 100Mbps
, Unmanaged T1 service price (1.544 Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC3 Connection Price (155 Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC 3 pricing (155 Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC-1 connection price (51 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Price (30Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet service connection 3 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet cost 3000 Mbps
, Unmanaged T3 Line Service 45Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet rate (40 Mbps)
, and  Unmanaged OC24 Line Connection 1244Mbps
We offer commercial Internet services for:
Unmanaged Ethernet Service Pricing 800Mbps
, Unmanaged OC 48 Pricing (2488Mbps)
,  Unmanaged Ethernet Price (200Mbps)
,  Unmanaged Ethernet price for service (5 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet line service (200Mbps)
, Unmanaged T 3 Connection Price (45 Mbps)
, Unmanaged T-3 Cost for Service
, Unmanaged Ethernet Line Price 10000Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet cost (40Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet price 1000Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet service pricing 150 Mbps
, Unmanaged 3G connection cost 45Mbps
, Unmanaged DS 3 Service Connection
, Unmanaged Ethernet line service 8Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet connection line (300Mbps)
, Unmanaged DS1 Connection Price 1.544 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Line Cost (150Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet cost (500Mbps)
, and  Unmanaged OC 3 rate for connection
Unmanaged T 3 line service
, Unmanaged Ethernet Service Line (2Mbps)
,  Unmanaged OC1 connection price 51Mbps
,  Unmanaged Ethernet Cost for Service 10Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet service cost 5000 Mbps
, Unmanaged DS3 connection line (45Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC48 service line (2488Mbps)
, Unmanaged T-1 service (1.544 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet rate 12 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Price (800Mbps)
, Unmanaged 3G Rate for Service
, Unmanaged Ethernet connection price (100 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Pricing 45Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Cost (800Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Pricing for Service 7Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Service Connection 900Mbps
, Unmanaged T-1 Line Price
, Unmanaged DS1 price for service
, and  Unmanaged Ethernet service price 2000 Mbps
 Value Added Resellers
Unmanaged DS1 cost for service (1.544Mbps)
, Unmanaged T-3 pricing
,  Unmanaged Ethernet service (2000 Mbps)
,  Unmanaged T 3 Service
, Unmanaged Ethernet Service (400Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC24 Line Connection
, Unmanaged Ethernet rate for service (10Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC3 connection price
, Unmanaged Ethernet Service Line 500 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Price (3 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet connection service (30Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet line price 1Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Price (8Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Price for Service 800 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Line Service 8Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Cost for Service (400 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet connection price 10Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet Connection (10Mbps)
, and  Unmanaged Ethernet price for service (900 Mbps)
Commercial Internet Services
Unmanaged OC-48 connection cost (2488Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC-12 Connection Service 622 Mbps
,  Unmanaged Ethernet line price (400Mbps)
,  Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Service (250 Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC 1 Connection Price
, Unmanaged T1 cost
, Unmanaged OC-24 Cost (1244 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Service 10000 Mbps
, Unmanaged OC-3 Line Service 155 Mbps
, Unmanaged OC 24 service (1244 Mbps)
, Unmanaged Fixed Wireless Rate for Service 45 Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet service pricing (600 Mbps)
, Unmanaged T1 Connection Service (1.544Mbps)
, Unmanaged T1 Line Pricing (1.544Mbps)
, Unmanaged OC12 Connection 622Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet connection cost (12Mbps)
, Unmanaged Ethernet Cost 15Mbps
, Unmanaged Ethernet price (7Mbps)
, and  Unmanaged OC-3 Service Line

Circuits Summarized by Trunk Level
Trunk Carrier LevelLine Data SpeedDigital Signal LevelDS0 Lines
T-1C (Bonded T1)3.152MbpsDS1C48

Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Circuits Summarized
Optical Carrier LevelLine Data RateSynchronous Transport Signal
OC-151.84MbpsSTS 1
OC-3155.52MbpsSTS 3
OC-9466.56MbpsSTS 9
OC-12622.08MbpsSTS 12
OC-18933.12MbpsSTS 18
OC-241244.16MbpsSTS 24
OC-361866.24KbpsSTS 36
OC-482488.32MbpsSTS 48
OC-964976.64MbpsSTS 96
OC-1929953.28MbpsSTS 192
OC-25613271.04MbpsSTS 256
OC-38419906.56MbpsSTS 384
OC-76839813.12MbpsSTS 768
OC-153679626.24MbpsSTS 1536
OC-3072159252.48MbpsSTS 3072

Optical Carrier Concatenation Summary
Optical Carrier LevelLine Data RateNumber of OC1s Concatenated

Ethernet over Copper
Bandwidth Options: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 20 Mbps

Ethernet over DS1/DS3
Bandwidth Options:1.5, 3.0, 6.0, 10, 100 Mbps

Ethernet over Fiber
Bandwidth Options:10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps (1Gbps), 10000 Mbps (10 Gbps), plus

Ethernet WAN Networks Carriers: AboveNet, Alpheus, AT&T, ACC Business, CenturyLink, Comcast Business, EarthLink Business, Integra Telecom, Level 3, TelePacific, Time Warner Cable Business Class, tw telecom, Windstream Communications, XO Communications

International WAN Networks Carriers: AT&T, CenturyLink, Global Telecom and Technology, XO Communications

POTS Lines Voice Products Carriers: AT&T, Broadview Networks, Cbeyond, CenturyLink, Comcast Business*, Ernest, Integra Telecom, TelePacific, Time Warner Cable Business Class*, Windstream Communications

Point to Point USA Domestic (1.5MB - 1GB) Networks Carriers: AboveNet, AT&T, ACC Business, Broad Sky Networks, Broadview Networks, Cbeyond, EarthLink Business, Integra Telecom, Level 3, MegaPath, Mosaic NetworkX, NetWolves, Nitel, PowerNet Global, CenturyLink, RealLinx, TelePacific, Telnes Broadband, Time Warner Cable Business Class, tw telecom, Vocal IP Networx, Windstream Communications, XO Communications

National Telecommunications Associations:
Utilities Telecom Council (UTC)
United States Telecom Association
APCO International
Independent Telephone and Telecommunication Alliance
National Telecommunications Cooperative Association
Organization for the Promotion and Advancement of Small Telecommunications Companies
National Exchange Carrier Association

Unmanaged Ethernet Line (25 Mbps) : Tired of the abysmal treatment of your current business Internet service provider? We´ll be delighted to handle your business Internet services with great concern for your business.

These are some of cities we offer our Unmanaged Ethernet Internet services for:
Sullivan Summit Argo Sumner Sycamore Taylorville Tinley Park Troy Tuscola Urbana Vandalia Vernon Hills Villa Park Warrenville Washington Waterloo Watseka Wauconda Waukegan West Chicago West Frankfort Westchester Western Springs Westmont Wheaton Wheeling Wilmette Wilmington Winfield Winnetka Wood Dale Wood River Woodridge Woodstock Worth Yorkville Zion Alexandria Anderson Angola Auburn Aurora Avon Batesville Bedford Beech Grove Bloomfield Bloomington Bluffton Boonville Brazil

Instantly compare over 30: Broadband Carriers, Cisco Powered Network Providers, Collocation Services, Unmanaged DS 1 connection (1.544Mbps) , Data Transport Circuits, Unmanaged Ethernet line (2000 Mbps) , Unmanaged DS-1 Rate for Service (1.544Mbps) , Unmanaged Ethernet Cost (400Mbps) , Dedicated Internet Access Services, DS1 Services, DS3 Services, DS-3 Services, Unmanaged T-1 line connection , DSL Services, Fast Ethernet Services, FastE Providers, Fiber Optic Providers, Fibre Providers, Ethernet Providers, Gigabit Ethernet Providers, Unmanaged Ethernet service line 1000 Mbps , High Bandwidth Services, High Speed Internet Providers, Hosting Providers, Point-To-Point Private line Providers, Colocation Services, Unmanaged Ethernet Pricing (12 Mbps) , and more.

Managed IP End-to-End services facilitate router and WAN management. With Managed IP services you'll be near the total Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX or SarbOx), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance. VPN Security SOX , HIPAA, and FISMA Compliant services also available.

New High Speed bandwidth added: Unmanaged T 3 Pricing 45 Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet Service Pricing (10Mbps) 3.0 MB (dual T1 / DS1) 4.5 MB (triple T1 / DS1) 6.0 MB (quad T1 / DS1) Unmanaged Ethernet service price 900Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet Service Pricing (1000Mbps) Unmanaged OC 24 Connection Line (1244Mbps) Unmanaged Ethernet Line Price (1000 Mbps) 10 MB (fractional T3 / DS3) 15 MB (fractional T3 / DS3) 20 MB (fractional T3 / DS3) Unmanaged DS-3 line price (45 Mbps) Unmanaged T 3 Service Connection 45Mbps Unmanaged OC24 line service 25 MB (fractional T3 / DS3) 30 MB (fractional T3 / DS3) 35 MB (fractional T3 / DS3) 40 MB (fractional T3 / DS3) 45 MB (full T3 / DS3) Unmanaged Ethernet Service Line (3000Mbps) Unmanaged Ethernet Cost for Service 2 Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet connection cost (900 Mbps) Unmanaged Ethernet connection pricing (4Mbps) Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Price 3000Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Price (1000Mbps)
Unmanaged OC24 Connection Line 1244Mbps services include all dedicated telephone connections.

Get quotes on your circuit or circuits.  OC48 / STS-48, OC24 / STS-24, OC12 / STS-12, OC3 / STS-3, T3 / DS3, fractional T3 / DS3, T1 / DS1, fractional T1 / DS1, DSL, SONET, Frame Relay, and VPN.
Try our T1 (DS1 1.544Mbps) Calculator, T3 (DS3 45Mbps) Calculator or OC3 (155Mbps) Calculator.
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Find high speed business circuits - Unmanaged OC-1 service line (51 Mbps) .

We are MSPs for all the services offered here. Unmanaged OC 3 service line services include all dedicated telephone connections.
We are always offering more Internet services: Unmanaged OC 48 service connection Unmanaged Ethernet service line 300Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet Service Line 400Mbps Unmanaged OC 48 line service 2488Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet service connection 20 Mbps Unmanaged 3G Service 45Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet service (9Mbps) Unmanaged DS-3 connection service 45 Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet rate for connection 200Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet connection price (700Mbps) Unmanaged Ethernet Connection Service (15Mbps) Unmanaged OC-12 Cost for Service (622 Mbps) . Most Internet services are available - Unmanaged Ethernet Pricing for Service (50 Mbps) .
We are Value Added Resellers (VARs) for all the services offered here.

Fast Ethernet Service, 
                      Gigabit Ethernet Service, Point to Point Service, Frame Relay Service, DSL Service, T1 Service, 
                      T3 Service, OC3 Service, SIP Trunking, MPLS Trunking, OC1 Service - We provide these services and more.

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DS1, DS3, OC3, MPLS, PRI and more.

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