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Internetworking Articles

Internet Articles

New Dial-Up Internet Installation for the Inexperienced
The installation of a Dial-Up Internet account is very easy to do. The first step should be researching and looking for the right Internet service or services that best apply to your situation. For instance you might look for services with no charge for hosting a small personal web-site or multiple email accounts to allow your family to correspond privately.

What hardware do I need to access the Internet for a Dial-Up connection?
The hardware needed to access a dial up Internet account is called a modem. What a modem essentially does is that it convert a digital signal into an analog signal that allows your data to traverse the telephone lines until the analog signal reaches its destination when the signal is converted back into a digital signal.

What is Cable Internet Service?
Cable Internet services can allow a cable Internet user to experience all that the Internet has to offer. Cable Internet is a high-speed always on Internet connection that permits Internet connections as fast or even faster than business T-1 service.

How fast is a residential broadband connection?
Residential broadband connections can offer Internet users the ability to download (receive) or upload (transmit) at rapid rates. When using a residential broadband service you can download at speeds of up to 27Mbps but typically it is around 1.5Mbps.

T-1s: Voice, Data, Integrated, and Fractional
What is a T-1?
T-1's provide businesses with access to the Internet, voice services, or a combination of the Internet and voice services. A T-1 consists of 24 individual channels and each channel has a data transmission rate of 64Kbps.

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Internet Articles

Internetworking Books

Internet Books

Internet Books

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